27 Stone villages in the mountains

Schist villages are the perfect choice, to have a different kind of vacation. Here they can relax and enjoy contact with nature and local people.

Schist Village
Schist Village in the middle of the mountains

Schist villages are one of the most recent attractions in Portugal. More and more tourists are starting to discover the beauty of these forgotten little villages that are hidden between some high-density forests in the middle of the mountains.

27 Schist villages for you to discover

In case you need a couple of days away from your daily routines. This is a place where you can enjoy life.

You’ll find good weather, beautiful scenery, and direct contact with nature.

You need to schedule a visit to one of the 27 schist villages in Portugal.

Schist house in one of the 27 schist villages.
Schist house in one of the 27 schist villages.

Spread over 4 different regions in Portugal – Serra da Lousã, Serra do Açor, Zêzere, and Tejo-Ocreza, these 27 schist villages have plenty to offer.

You can choose to live among the locals for a couple of days. You’ll find it’s a unique opportunity to discover old traditions and customs.

And in case you love good food, this is the place to visit.

After all, you’ll enjoy some of the most traditional recipes from Portuguese cuisine that every generation passes on to the next.

Each one of these 27 schist villages has a unique and amazing story, so don’t be surprised if you spot a castle in the middle of the mountains.

And take your time to visit a monument or a museum.

Attractions for everyone at the Schist villages region!

Even though it may be interesting to know part of the history behind each schist village, there are also many other things that you can do.

With many trails that you can do on foot following the “Caminhos de Xisto”, you’ll probably end up discovering a river beach with the most crystalline water where you can bathe as well as you can enjoy some water sports.

You can also do these trails by bike.

Happy trekkers visiting schist villages region
Happy trekkers enjoying the beautiful scenery in the schist villages region.

The available water sports that you can take advantage of include slide, rappel, and canoeing, among others.

While tourists mostly know Portugal because of the Algarve beaches and even the golf resorts.

The truth is that schist villages are attracting a lot of tourists from all generations.

And in fact, all these little-hidden villages have something to offer to everyone, no matter their age or preferences.

Above all, visiting schist villages (one or several) is a journey that you will never forget because of the beauty.

One of the things that tend to attract so many people is the fact that this visit can almost be seen as a return to the past where you can take advantage of the new technologies and have a lot of fun.

No matter if you’re thinking about coming with family or friends, you can be sure that you’re going to love these little villages.

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