Hiking from Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela

 This might be the most mythical and emblematical of all the Portuguese trail routes – Camino de Santiago. Hiking this trail will not only provide workout for the body, it will provide fuel for the soul as you step along the path followed by thousands of pilgrims before you throughout the ages. The route we offer you will begin in Ponte de Lima, which for us is the most scenic and symbolical segment of the Camino in Central Portugal.

 As days unfold so the most beautiful and varied landscapes will present before your eyes, each with its characteristic flora and fauna. But once you reach Praza do Obradoiro the atmosphere will be charged with the energy from the hundreds of pilgrims arriving to the Cathedral and the emotions will pour out for sure.

 It is now time to grab your boots and your walking stick, pack light and hit the road – and then let us know all about your adventure!

 Good riddance and safe return!

Bom Camino!!