Arouca, Vale de Cambra and Sever do Vouga region

This journey will unravel some of Portugal best kept secrets. An adventure that will challenge you to meet some of the most imposing waterfalls in central Portugal, some of the most pure and crystalline rivers and streams of all of Europe.

 The mountain range will have your back and keep you company along the way and reveal to you our country’s tallest and mightiest waterfall. If you’re feeling brave we encourage you to venture into the cold shower the many cascading waters have to offer.

 And then you’ll walk the suspended wooded path following Rio Paiva. Passadiços do Paiva have won the Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction by the World Travel Awards in 2018. Go get ready to walk to magical top hill hamlets and observe a rare geological event only occurring here at Serra da Freita and near St. Petersburg, Russia – the Parideiras [aka, rock delivering] Stones.

 See you soon!