Hiking Costa Vicentina 14 days with a view to the Atlantic

Have you ever dreamed of backpacking for days along an ocean shoreline? Just picture yourself grabbing your bag and walking-stick, putting a pair of comfy boots on and heading towards the shore. Just imagine having days in a row of breathtaking beaches, unique sunsets and overwhelming sunrises.

Stop daydreaming about unforgettable adventures and join us instead! For two weeks you will be taken aback by the colors this trek has offer you. Orange hues from the beaches contrasting with the dark shades from the Schist cliffs. Turquoise blues from the ocean mingling with sharp blue skies. You will feel the misty ocean breeze in your skin and then the waves breaking at your feet. Never loosing sight of the horizon let the views and the rhythm of the tides fill your heart and set the daily pace.

Thrilling days by the shoreline will be topped off with a taste of the region’s gastronomy and Costa Vicentina’s unique natural surroundings. When you reach Cabo de S. Vicente the emotions will be overwhelming because this is as far as you can go by foot and into the Atlantic ocean – you will have reached the westernmost tip of Europe! Take a deep breath and soak in every second, every sunset, every new rising day. This is exactly what dreams are made of – amazing memories to carry back home.