Hiking Flores and Corvo Islands

The westernmost enclave

On the westernmost tip of the Azores archipelago two small islands stand out – and trust us when we say they enclose some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on our planet. The program we laid out for you will have you hike the best trails, canyoneering down the best streams and gorges and sailing the most beautiful deep blue seas across the two islands.

Flores and Corvo islands should be on everyone’s “to-visit-at-least-once-in-a-lifetime” list! Due to their unique and diverse fauna and flora the two islands are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and a big effort for the sustainable development of the islands is set in place. The trails, the landscapes, the hidden gems and sites, will not roll by unnoticed.

During a full week you’ll have the opportunity to step on old volcanic craters, stumble onto colorful lagoons that feed crystal clear waterfalls which in turn run to the shore in joyful streams. You’ll find the blue hue of the ocean to be deeper, and you’ll marvel at the herds of dolphins or solitary whales that will join your sailing journey between the islands.

This will be a one week adventure through bigger-than-life wild gardens, backpacking with your boots down on streams or up the waterfalls. You’ll sail the waves, be challenged everyday and rest your eyes and your tired bodies on gentle streams and soft carpets of green stretching as far as the horizon.