This one week adventure challenges you to discover three of the five islands that make up the central group of the Azores archipelago.

Portugal is viewed as a sustainable tourism destination, and we have Azores much to thanks for.

São Jorge, Faial and Pico are usually referred to as the islands from the triangle, and this triad will definitely take you on an epic and unique adventure that will last for a whole week.

São Jorge, the Dragon Island, offers you crystal clear waterfalls and fajãs, places where time slows down and moves with the rhythm of the sea breezes. The green from the land and the deep blue from the Atlantic ocean will lead you through charming trails and spectacular views.

Did you know you can find the highest mountain peak of Portugal right here in the Azores archipelago?

It is Pico, the mountain that lends its name to the second island you’ll visit. And although the volcano has been asleep for long now, one can still feel the mountain breathing.

Watching the sun rise up on the peak is one of the best experiences you can have, and we will offer you that.  Nothing can beat taking in those first
orange sun rays painting the skies and breaking a brand new day above the ocean. When the weather allows you have a clear view of all five islands.

But of course, you can not leave these magical islands without visiting Faial first, its volcanic crater, Capelinhos, and having a taste of the archipelago’s most famous and infamous Gin.

Faial dock is a colorful and sizzling gathering spot for sailors from around the world.

From here you too will sail the Atlantic in search of dolphins, sea turtles and whales, that gather here, just like you, to seek the tranquility of this
safe haven.

Only Azores can offer you such an experience.