Our travel itinerary welcomes you into one of Portugal’s best kept secrets.

The Schist Villages are hilltop hamlets built centuries ago that have survived across times and played an important role in our History.

They served as first lines of defense of the territory and were used as mandatory stoppages for trade routes.

Not to mention that throughout the centuries many different people called this steep mountainside their home.

These clusters of tiny stone cottages are tugged in between mountains and valleys, hiding away amongst the trees, in magical secret spots you will often only discover by following the scented trail of fireplaces burning and fresh bread on the making.

Each village has a soul of its own.

River beaches, trails in the forest that connect them all, the critters that inhabit the greenery surrounding them are all unique.

And their lovely traditions and fabulous gastronomy make you want to linger on for a little longer.

As you follow the trails between the different villages, the unique surroundings take you back in time.

And this circuit can be explored year-round.

In Spring the colors are simply amazing, with an array of flowers blooming all around, an explosion of scents and a feast for the eyes of the trekker.

Come Summer days you ought to have an early start and make the most of the cool mornings  for walking while saving the hot afternoons to relax one of the many river beaches available along the route.

Fall brings another type of treat for the senses – golds and greens and also reds mingle on the treetops and are sure to enchant and inspire the more sensible ones.

And if you are not one to be deterred by chilling mornings you will reap the bounty of  Winter on the mountains with fast running streams and crystalline cascades to marvel at.