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Why Choose Us

Portugal Outside is a registered trademark for Aventura X, a licensed Travel and Tourism Agency with many years of experience on nature trekking and adventures in Portugal. Our goal is to offer you an unique and immersive experience, traveling under our motto “Love Portugal Like Us” – we believe the only way to know a country is to travel like a local and feel like you belong.

 Miguel Almeida is the founder and CEO, and he has led over 3000 adventurous travelers through organized trips, both in Portugal and abroad. That translates into more than 10000km backpacking Portugal’s breathtaking trails, whether you choose trekking the mainland or the Azores and Madeira islands. The memories we gather remain, but we lost count of the road trips, and adventures, the times we skipped a breath in awe, the plunges on the ocean shore, the showers under cascading waters.

 We know the forest and mountain trails like the back of our hands, but the shoreline holds no secrets to us either. And when the weather warms up we’ll lead you through streams and creeks to cool you down. Coasteeringor canyoning, kayaking, raftingor stand-up paddling (SUP), whichever feels like your thing.

 We also believe there is more than one side to each journey and so we offer you the opportunity to backpack the countryside or the beachfront; you can paddle your way through our shoreline on the top of a SUP board, or dive under and explore hidden underwater caves and colorful sea life. By train, on foot or pedaling away; in a group or by yourself, accompanied with a guide or exploring with our self guidedoption we make sure you will have the best possible experience.

 Watch the sun set over Portugal’s highest mountain – we got it. Flying on a hot air balloon over Europe’s biggest artificial lake – you can bet we have it. Joining the pilgrims from the portuguese trail of Camino de Santiago all the way to Spain – it is one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll save from your journey.

 We curate our partnerships carefully to exceed your expectations when traveling in Portugal and abroad with Portugal Outside. We’ve built our relationships around quality and our partners sure live up to the high standards we set up for ourselves.

 Fly here, take a train or bring your car – let us take care of the rest!