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Algarve Hiking Tour

Welcome to a perfect week hiking the cliffs of Algarve


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Welcome to a perfect week hiking the cliffs of Algarve, backpacking without hushing or rushing, simply enjoying every step of the way. There’s no better way to get to know the Algarve’s unique shoreline.

Steep cliffs with secret pathways leading you to stretches of sand and deserted beaches. Turquoise waters for you to plunge into and take a moment to relax. These are some of the perks you’ll find along the way. The Algarve shore have many natural nooks and crannies hidden under its precipitous scarps that are sure to amaze you.

And off course, this adventure could not be completed without the spectacular sunset over at Cape São Vicente, the southwestern most spot of Portugal.

We believe we have gathered all the ingredients for you to have the most epic week of all times!

  • Pick-up at airport with briefing, and drop-off at the hotel
  • 6 nights Superior accommodation with breakfast included
  • Personal accident insurance and liability insurance
  • 5 self-guided hiking routes, all info included
  • ‘Portugal Outside’s Travel Itinerary’ developed specifically to enhance your journey with authentic experiences, not only with travel tips and useful information, but also suggested trails, cultural highlights, places to eat, etc
  • ‘Portugal Outside’ Hotline
  • Pick-up and drop-off for one of the days of the program
  • Drop-off at the Airport on the day of departure
  • This schedule may be subject to changes to better suit your expectations. New activities and experiences may be added and you want to stay around for a couple more days just let us know.
  • No car rental necessary
  • The routes included in this program are better feasible between the months of March to June and the months of Setember to November.
  • Minimum two persons
  • Groups with a Guide minimum 6 persons
  • Program without flights included in the price

Sugested Program

Today your adventure begins. Let’s take it slow and have a taste of the local cuisine, perhaps enjoy a day at one of the many beautiful beaches Algarve has to offer.

We will brief you about the tour and hand you a custom made travel guide with all the maps and information you will need for your upcoming adventure.

We will drop you off at the hotel but not before a toast to all things adventurous!

We encourage you to have a well rested night because tomorrow you’ll be hiking the first trail that will lead you to São Vicente.

You’ll be trekking one of the most beautiful trails of Europe. “Vales Suspensos” consist of seven valleys by the shoreline, where the cliffs are only interrupted by running streams and creeks.

Bellow the valleys, the golden scarps of rock hide mesmerizing caves that will take your breath away. You won’t resist taking a few plunges into the crystal blue waters!

Daybreak at the charming fishing village of Lagos and off you go, starting at Meia Praia and through Algarve’s golden coastland. Meia Praia, Ponta da Piedade and Praia da Luz are some of the beaches you’ll be crossing – make sure you take the time to soak in the sun and the views, and be mindful of the peculiarities each spot has to offer.

This trail will provide you with plenty viewpoints over the Ocean, where you can pause and appreciate the gentle sea breezes and the sunsets, and the dazzling colors of the skies when the sun meets the water.

Some of the beaches you’ll discover can only be reached by foot, through hidden trails and paths, so once you get there you’ll feel like you have your own corner of paradise to enjoy. Praia da Salema is one of these spots – allow for the time to stop and let yourself be overwhelmed by the waves breaking and the sun kissing your skin.

This is the most challenging stretch of the entire trail as the cliffs begin to reach higher and higher, the colors of the sand under your feet darken and the edges around you get sharper. Still, the streams gather to form ponds and small lakes and it is worth taking the time to explore these new natural habitats surrounding you.

Every step now will take you closer to São Vicente, and you are now able to glimpse the lighthouse in the distance. Meanwhile, the dusk setting in and the foaming waves breaking against the sand will most certainly leave an impression.

This is the day you finally reach Cape São Vicente, a place full of History and surrounded in legend, the spot the Romans named “the sacral promontory “. Be sure to visit the fortress at Sagres before heading to the lighthouse.

At São Vicente, history has it, the Romans stated the skies were bigger by hundreds than in the rest of Europe and that was why the waters were warmer. And even before the lighthouse was built, the Monks living here used to light big fires to guide the ships crossing the cape.

You’ll learn all about these and other stories surrounding this special spot on the southwestern most corner of Portugal. And once here, watching the sun set into the ocean is mandatory. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

You won’t believe it is already time to head back home! We have a saying here, that time flies by when you’re having fun – but don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. If you feel you need a few more days to explore our beautiful country we can make it happen.

If, sadly, it is definitely time to leave we hope to have provided an amazing experience that will make you come back to Portugal again and again.

With a big smile stamped on our face we say goodbye and… see you soon!