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Madeira Island Hiking


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In Madeira island, we can walk in the clouds, with your feet in the Atlantic.

On our trip we will challenge you to get to know an island in Madeira, where the natural splendor is simply overwhelming.

It will be an epic week!

We will follow the crystal clear water streams, the one that rises in the heart of the mountains and flows into the sea.

Here, even the Atlantic has different shades of blue.

We will get “lost” in the centuries old footpaths that wind through the green mountains.

Where the forest hides waterfalls and lakes where you can rest and feel time stand still.

This adventure will give you the opportunity to walk through a forest with thousands of years of life.

A forest that existed even before the arrival of the first discoverers to the island.

The Laurissilva forest, since 1999, has been declared by Unesco .

This is one of the reasons that make this island a true pearl of the Atlantic.

Throughout the days, we will have a horizon line where the Desertas and Porto Santo islands.

This islands will be our orientation points.

It will be seven days where we will cover and get to know some of the most emblematic trails and places of this corner.

The island of Madeira is a genuine and unforgettable place.

During this adventure, we are sure that you will live unforgettable days.

We have everything prepared, and counting every minute to take you to know the island in the best way there is, on foot.

Put on your boots, pack your backpack, grab your poles, and don’t forget the front, it’s time to get to know the best island destination in the world.

This is not only an adventure trip to be lived, it is an adventure to be felt!

We are counting on you in this adventure?

Take the opportunity to watch a short movie about our destination: Madeira Island

  • Pick-up at airport with briefing, and drop-off at the hotel
  • 7 nights superior accommodation with breakfast included
  • 6 self-guided hiking routes, all info included
  • Tasting of Madeira wine and homemade chocolates
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  • Pick-up and drop-off for one of the days of the program
  • Drop-off at the Airport on the day of departure
  • No car rental necessary, transfer included
  • The routes included in this program are better feasible between all year
  • Minimum two persons
  • Groups with a Guide minimum 6 persons, ask us for Group Prices

Sugested Program

Welcome to Madeira Island, described by many as the pearl of the Atlantic. We will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you to the hotel, and that will be all.
Today we encourage you to rest, relax, and enjoy the swimming pool and the magnificent mountains on the background.

This is the day of the Cauldrons, the Green and the Hell.
Let’s follow the levada that carries water from the mountains to the farm fields.
Don’t be scared, or think you’re delirious when in the crystal clear waters of the levada, you see trout swimming against the current.
Among the cliffs in shades of green, where the mountains tear and narrow the clouds, there it is, the Caldeirão Verde.
There are more than 100 meters of waterfall, a unique place that makes us stop and contemplate.
There are places that are so enchanting that we hardly forget them, this is one of them.
But because on our trip, and because in Madeira there is always something else to see, we follow the trail again and this time heading for the Caldeirão do Inferno (Hell’s Cauldron).
More and more we enter the mountain, more and more the trail’s cutouts in the cliffs make us admire who built and keeps these water channels, the levadas, working.
Between tunnels dug in the rock and not at all warm (contrary to what they say about hell) in the throat of the mountain, there it is, the Hell’s Cauldron.
It’s amazing the quality of the water that the mountains of Madeira make flow into the Atlantic.
( Difficulty:2+, distance approx. 20km)

In the first part of the day we follow one of the oldest levadas in Madeira, the levada do Furado.
We will follow the trail that will lead us to contemplate the multifarious shades of green provided by a patch of natural forest of the island.
On the horizon the Penha d`Águia will be our reference point, this rocky mass, which to the East protects the bay of Faial and to the West, the Ponta dos Clérigos.
During this day you will also have the opportunity to visit the Balcões footpath and its belvedere.
From this viewpoint with grandiose views, it is possible to contemplate the various peaks of the island.
It is truly a unique and breathtaking place.
For birdwatching lovers, it is the perfect spot.
Don’t forget to bring your camera, if you get a picture of the bibis, you win a poncha! 🙂
( Difficulty: 2, distance approx. 14km)

On this day we tour Ponta de São Lourenço, the westernmost peninsula of Madeira Island.
This peninsula of volcanic origin is so called because of the name of the caravel of João Gonçalves Zarco, one of the discoverers of the island.
On this trek you will have the opportunity to get to know a fauna and flora that only exists in this part of the island.
With views on a horizon line, where the Atlantic has turquoise blue colors, on one side the desert islands, land of sea lions, on the other Porto Santo, the island of fossils and beaches.
It is also on this day that you will have the opportunity to walk around and get to know the city of Funchal.
(Difficulty: 2, distance approximately 12km)

We walk on the cliffs of the North Coast, a coastal trail that will have Porto Santo on the horizon.
The land of fossils and golden beaches as far as the eye can see.
A trail that will get your adrenaline pumping thanks to its breathtaking views.
On this day we will be able to observe the north coast and its overwhelming brutality of cliffs that seem to make the Atlantic angry on stormy days.
Here the grays of the rock contrast with the turquoise blue of the sea and the white of the foamy waves seem to try to push the island back.
No one remains indifferent to the north coast of Madeira Island.

( Difficulty: 2, distance approximately 12km)

This will be the day when we will follow the crystal clear water that rises in the heart of the mountain.
Among waterfalls, lakes and levadas, this walk will be a true and delicious experience of contact with some of the greatest ex-libris of the island.
We will have the opportunity to see the difference between the various vegetations, but today the highlight goes to the Urzal tunnels and the Laurissilva forest.
It’s funny how by observing and knowing the vegetation we can perceive the altitude at which we are.
We will follow the water that falls from the splendid Cascata do Risco.
From the Dona Beja Lagoon, through the Vento Lagoon, between the heather tunnels, the trail will lead us to see the impressive waterfall.
Here in the valley, the contrast between the colors of the water and the greens of the mountain leaves no one indifferent.
But our walk doesn’t end here, we will now continue to follow the levada, which will lead us to the 25 Fontes.
In a relaxing route, always with the sound of water running by the levada, and a green landscape surrounding us, this path is a true appeal to our senses.
A day that will be a real adventure and that will end for sure with a Poncha!
(typical drink from Madeira)
(Difficulty: 2+, distance approximately 14km)

Today’s the last day in magical Madeira Island but we are 100% sure that soon enough you’ll be back and we’ll meet again.
Nevertheless we are happy to add more days and experiences to your journey if you feel you are not quite ready yet to leave.