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Portuguese Way, Last 100 km


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Hiking the Camino de Santiago in central Portugal

It all begins at the border that separates Portugal from Spain, Valença on one side and Tui on the other side of the river that runs between Portuguese northernmost mountains and Galician landscapes.

This is where you’ll start hiking, on a place once studded with different cultures and spoken languages, and stained by battles between them. But this is also the very spot where, now and then, millions of pilgrims from all four corners of the world begin their spiritual journey that will lead them to Santiago de Compostela.

Each devotee carries its own baggage, both literal and metaphorical, and there’s no better place to unload it than Santiago.

 Enjoy the Camino, and good riddance!

Bom Camino!

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Sugested Program

This will be the setting up day for your great adventure.

We encourage you to let yourself ramble amongst Valença welcoming streets and monuments, and then have a taste of the region’s superior gastronomy and wines before calling it a day and have a good nights rest.

Now you have left Portugal and will start stepping Spanish grounds as you cross the Minho river through a peculiar yet picturesque metallic bridge.

Tui is a village worth visiting, especially if you enjoy the history and peacefulness ancient churches and cathedrals have to offer.

As you leave Tui behind, the trail will now change into woods and prairies and streams of water that will lead you to Porriño.

Halfway through you get a well deserved break, so do enjoy the easiest segment of the whole journey.

Walking between forested areas and easy driving lanes you will be able to give your legs a rest. You’ll have time to pause by running streams and cascading waters and observe the many evidences of ancient Roman settlings.

Once in Redondela do make a stop and pay a visit to its beautifully curated gardens.

Following Vigo river across the woods and around the hills will have you mesmerized.

But then the landscape will shift into farmland and the orchards will encompass the trail leading to Ponte Vedra, for many the pinnacle of the Portuguese Camino, and a mandatory stoppage.

Here you will have the opportunity to rest and recharge.

The region of Galicia is truly charming and welcoming. Its people and singular landscape will capture your heart but it is time to follow the trail up to Caldas del Rey.

Once there, we encourage you to pay a visit to the Cathedral and don’t miss the change to dip your tired toes onto the hot thermal waters pouring from Las Burgas fount.

Today’s trail will have reminiscing old legends and past History about the Camino and it is truly one of the most beautiful stretches you’ll be trekking.

So be sure to enjoy every step, soaking up the views and the energy from the surroundings. Less than 24 hours away from Santiago de Compostela, Albor hill and river Sar will keep you company along the rest of the journey – and help soothe the thrill and excitement.

You are so close now – only 23km separate you from the long anticipated destiny.

After walking for several days, overcoming your own limits, you will certainly not be deterred by the last leg – although it poses a steep hill 8km climbing challenge!

Arriving to Santiago de Compostela and facing its Cathedral for the first time will be emotional. It can’t quite be put into words the feelings and the energy emanating from every stone paving Praza del Obradoiro. Enjoy the emotions and take your time before walking inside the Cathedral.

It is well worth extending your stay here for a couple more days, and if you wish to do so we got you covered – let us know and we’ll see to make it happen. Finisterra is just around the corner and is worth paying a visit too.

If extending your visit is not an option, we urge you to let yourself lose amongst the old streets and neighborhoods of Santiago and absorb its peculiar and very distinctive energy.

It is now time to return home and leave Portugal and Santiago behind. You have been tireless in this pursuit and we truly hope you had the time of your life. One that makes you want to return to our beautiful country some day. And as important as reaching the destination, it is experiences you take with you that really matter.

See you soon,