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Walking Azores


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Hiking Flores and Corvo Islands. The westernmost enclave

On the westernmost tip of the Azores archipelago two small islands stand out – and trust us when we say they enclose some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on our planet. The program we laid out for you will have you hike the best trails, canyoneering down the best streams and gorges and sailing the most beautiful deep blue seas across the two islands.

Flores and Corvo islands should be on everyone’s “to-visit-at-least-once-in-a-lifetime” list! Due to their unique and diverse fauna and flora the two islands are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and a big effort for the sustainable development of the islands is set in place. The trails, the landscapes, the hidden gems and sites, will not roll by unnoticed.

During a full week you’ll have the opportunity to step on old volcanic craters, stumble onto colorful lagoons that feed crystal clear waterfalls which in turn run to the shore in joyful streams. You’ll find the blue hue of the ocean to be deeper, and you’ll marvel at the herds of dolphins or solitary whales that will join your sailing journey between the islands.

This will be a one week adventure through bigger-than-life wild gardens, backpacking with your boots down on streams or up the waterfalls. You’ll sail the waves, be challenged everyday and rest your eyes and your tired bodies on gentle streams and soft carpets of green stretching as far as the horizon.

  • Pick-up at airport with briefing, and drop-off at the hotel
  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast included
  • Personal accident insurance and liability insurance
  • 5 self-guided hiking routes, all info included
  • Boat crossing from Flores island to Corvo island and return to Flores
  • Canyoning experience, easy level.
    All the necessary material for the accomplishment of this experience, and accompaniment of accredited guide
  • ‘Portugal Outside’s Travel Itinerary’ developed specifically to enhance your journey with authentic experiences, not only with travel tips and useful information, but also suggested trails, cultural highlights, places to eat, etc
  • ‘Portugal Outside’ Hotline
  • Pick-up and drop-off for one of the days of the program
  • Drop-off at the Airport on the day of departure
  • This schedule may be subject to changes to better suit your expectations. New activities and experiences may be added and you want to stay around for a couple more days just let us know.
  • No car rental necessary
  • The routes included in this program are better feasible between March to October
  • Minimum two persons
  • Groups with a Guide minimum 6 persons

Sugested Program

Today you land in Paradise – welcome to Flores!
We’ll be waiting for you to drive you to the hotel.
Save the rest of the day to rest and relax, take a plunge on the hotel’s swimming pool or even better, on one of the many natural pools in the area.

Hiking from Lajedo to Fajã Grande
On day 2 you’ll put on your hiking boots and hit the trails.
Between the greenest slopes and the vastness of the Atlantic ocean your steps will lead you through unique landscapes and towards Alagoinha – a gem you shouldn’t miss.
But don’t settle there for too long – Fajã Grande awaits to give you the most stunning sunset of the island.

From Miradouro das Lagoas to Poça do Bacalhau
There are seven distinct lagoons right in the middle of Flores, and today you’ll have the opportunity to follow the trail that runs along three of them – Lagoa Comprida (the “Long Lagoon”), Lagoa Funda (the “Deep Lagoon”) and Lagoa Branca (the “White Lagoon”).
You’ll walk on moss peat bogs until you reach the highland, and there you’ll truly understand how the name “Flowers” fits this island so rightfully.
What a sight! The best of the entire island.
Today is also the day you’ll reach Poço do Bacalhau with one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Flores, and we encourage you to take off you boots, put your feet up (or dip them in the cool waters!) and just enjoy the moment.

Across to Corvo Island and hiking the Volcano Crater
Crossing the emerald deep waters from Flores to Corvo will be epic. The journey lasts just under an hour, during which you’ll most likely have the company of herds of dolphins that are thrilled to follow along. You’ll be heading to the archipelago’s smallest island but not short on traditions and sightseeings.
Corvo’s characteristic windmills and gentle people will welcome you with open arms.
The trail leading to Caldeirão do Corvo is one of the most beautiful the island has to offer, and once you reach the crater the scenery will leave you speechless.
The quietness of the place, the unbelievable awareness of stepping on a volcanic crater, with small islands emerging from the lagoon, will make you want to just linger for a while, undisturbed.

Today you’ll give your hiking boots some rest and gear up on canyoning equipment because you’ll be trading the trails for the streams.
This is a beginners level, fitting both to the experienced and to the new to the activity. This time around you’ll be walking the crystal clear stream instead of just walking alongside it.
The canyoning experience is not one for the faint hearted, so if you feel this is not meant for you, we will gladly offer other options for this day.

Hiking from Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada
Get ready to trek along the shore following the westernmost hiking trail of Europe.
Feeling the sea breeze on your face, with Corvo Island on the horizon and Monchique’s islet always in sight, you’ll be lead through forests of magical and ancient trees and spectacular natural walls made up of blue and pink hydrangeas against the bright green background.

Hiking Fajã Lopo Vaz
Today you’ll visit the place assumed to be the island’s first human settlement, and you’ll feel the time has stopped and the world froze in place. Mass tourism doesn’t exist here so we urge you to enjoy the peaceful venues and the sounds of nature around you.
A great haven for birdwatching too!

Returning home
Today will be your last day in the islands and the transfer will drive you from the hotel to the airport.
We know for sure you’ve had the most memorable adventure in these two beautiful islands in Azores.
If you feel you are not quite ready to leave Azores just yet we can arrange for some extra days in the archipelago, or perhaps a new experience back in mainland.
See you soon, and have a safe return.