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Southwestern cliffs of Algarve


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You have now the opportunity to wind down and leave all the hustle behind for one unforgettable week.

This trail will take you up and across the tallest cliffs and pathways the south of Portugal has to offer. These giant walls shed their majesty over hidden beaches with dark waters.

Foamy waves will wash away your footsteps as you move across a harsh coastal landscape flanked by wild and native vegetation.

Nature will challenge you at times, but you will push forward through fossil dunes and peculiar dry islands the wind erosion has sculpted along the way.

You’ll hear about the stories and legends that talk about the pilgrimage to Santiago, following some of the very same paths you’ll be hiking.

 Let the time slow down, and soak in every second and every step of the way.

  • Pick-up at airport with briefing, and drop-off at the hotel
  • 6 nights superior accommodation with breakfast included
  • Personal accident insurance and liability insurance
  • 6 self-guided hiking routes, all info included
  • Tasting of Madeira wine and homemade chocolates
  • ‘Portugal Outside’s Travel Itinerary’ developed specifically to enhance your journey with authentic experiences, not only with travel tips and useful information, but also suggested trails, cultural highlights, places to eat, etc
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  • Pick-up and drop-off for one of the days of the program
  • Drop-off at the Airport on the day of departure
  • No car rental necessary
  • The routes included in this program are better feasible between March to October
  • Minimum two persons
  • Groups with a Guide minimum 6 persons

Sugested Program

The day you will learn all about the adventure we’ve prepared for you. Before your journey begins we encourage you to enjoy an authentic Portuguese meal and famed Portuguese wine and then relax. This will the first experience with the Portuguese gastronomy, so take your time.

In the village, the windmill outstands. It’s one of the few that is still working and can be visited. Around it, wooden footbridges and benches invite us to contemplate the houses in the village, the Seixe rivermouth and the mediterranean scrubland of the south facing hills – a treat for the eye!
The foodplains are the overflow areas of the river banks, where in days of intense rain, the water brings along everything necessary to build deep and fertile soil.
The blue ocean line might be the same but be open to new gastronomic experiences.
Here the goose neck barnacle is king and the sweet potato is queen! In Aljezur you’ll visit its picturesque old moorish castle and village and watch Ribeira de Aljezur drain to Carreagem and Amoreira beaches. The river mouth at Amoreira beach is a birdwatcher’s paradise so if that’s a favorite hobby of yours don’t miss this opportunity and we strongly suggest you bring your binoculars with you.

Your footsteps will lead you through salty ocean mists and imposing cliffs to Ponta da Atalaia. Here the Portuguese gained their land from the Moorish and you can still find evidences of an old moorish fortress. When you reach Arrifana, let yourself be taken aghast by the beautiful Pedra da Agulha beach, the crystalline water at the bay crowded with surf enthusiasts. If you can stay for the sunset – it will leave you speechless.

If you enjoyed the view over Praia da Agulha as you arrived to Arrifana now it is time to mesmerize at this same beach after hiking around to Praia do Canal. Get your cameras ready and shoot away. There you’ll be offered a summit view over Bordeira’s sand dunes and the creek running towards the ocean.

The beginning of this section treats us to scenery in which the mountain range spreads as far as the coast, ending up on the beach. Rocks, hillsides, streams or plains in deep valleys, are some of the features that make up the aesthetic landscape and constitute a mosaic of habitats with distinct ecological functions.
This trail is punctuated by a handful of elevated viewpoints that will make you feel like you can step and walk over the waters below. These verandas by the Atlantic will make it possible for you to pinpoint some of the beaches you have already visited and to better view the cliffs outlining Bordeira and Amado beaches.
Beware – the wind gusts may sweep you off your feet and make you touch the clouds above! Today you’ll still be able to meet the picturesque village of Pedralva, a treasure locked in time.
Recent works have restored this village to its original soul so it is worth letting yourself get lost on this shrine dedicated to quiet.
When crossing the forest perimeter of Vila do Bispo, go quietly and use binoculars because wildlife sightings are likely, especially birds.

After ten days walking the shores of our beautiful and unforgettable Costa Vicentina you’ll finally meet the cape it borrows the name from. You surely still remember the herbed scented air from Zambujeira do Mar and the breathtaking view over Arrifana’s bay so add those memories to those you’ll collect by the time the sun sets beyond the lighthouse at Cabo de São Vicente.
You will first glance at the Cape while trekking Telheiros beach, following the same footsteps that Saint Vincent’s devotees used to walk. For many centuries a monastery dedicated to Saint Vincent was placed on the very spot the lighthouse now stands, before being destroyed by a earthquake in 1755.
Once again, take in the views, and why not take the opportunity to write down what emotions and feeling this amazing place and experience brings up in you.

It is time to say goodbye to Costa Vicentina and you must be feeling amazing! You trailed the trails and tasted the food, and you have been swept away by the views and the odors. You have felt the freedom of walking the cliffs and spreading your arms to the wind. You have met a warm and welcoming people and it feels appropriate that you falter when time comes to leave this place.
Now that you have experienced this great adventure by the Atlantic shoreline you can leave with a full heart knowing we’ll be here to welcome you when you return.
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