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Alentejo Cliffs Hiking


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Prepare yourself for 130km walking along the shoreline, hiking one of the most beautiful trails in the World. You will follow a path that takes you across soft sand beaches surrounded by darksteepSchist walls tearing their way into the shiny blue waves of the Atlantic.

An amazing and unforgettable journey hiking sideways with crystal clear streams and creeks, following the sun on a journey of its own. The southwest of Portugal is a place where the storks nest by the ocean and the sunsets are unimaginably breathtaking. Follow the salty sea breezes, and the scents of the wild herbs and flowers growing around. Indulge on the amazingly fresh sea food and the strong flavored meat. And end your days at one of its unique beaches, watching the sun set in the ocean.

  • Pick-up at airport with briefing, and drop-off at the hotel
  • 6 nights accommodation with breakfast included
  • Personal accident insurance and liability insurance
  • 6 self-guided hiking routes, all info included
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  • Drop-off at the Airport on the day of departure
  • This schedule may be subject to changes to better suit your expectations. New activities and experiences may be added and you want to stay around for a couple more days just let us know.
  • No car rental necessary
  • The routes included in this program are better feasible between the months of March to June and the months of Setember to November
  • Minimum two persons
  • Groups with a Guide minimum 6 persons

Sugested Program

The day you will learn all about the adventure we’ve prepared for you. Before your journey begins we encourage you to enjoy an authentic Portuguese meal and famed Portuguese wine and then relax. This will the first experience with the Portuguese gastronomy, so take your time.

This is the lap dedicated to the beaches. Almost 20km of sand make this one of the most challenging stages of this two week trek. But it is worth every aching muscle!
While hiking side by side the Atlantic, you’ll encounter pebble lined beaches such as Aviados followed by fossil dunes that lead you down to the ocean – such is the case in Malhão’s beach. A thousand underground fresh water springs that run to the shore and lend its name to Vila Nova de Milfontes.
And although they each have unique features to marvel at they share the giant dark rocks that seem to be their guardians throughout the ages.
Every once in a while remember to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate the steps already taken while feeling the salty mist in your skin.

Nothing can quite live up to waking up and start hiking whilst watching Mira river disembogue into the Atlantic Ocean.
This route is a feast to the eyes, with an array of contrasting colors. Green farming fields, the blue shades from the sky meeting the ocean and then the gold yellow sands nestled between chalk tainted cliffs. Soon you’ll be noticing the first stork’s nests and the intoxicating scents from the herbs and shrubs outlining the trails. If trekking during spring you’ll also have the opportunity to observe the many different bird species that choose this garden by the see to nest and breed. We can’t say it enough, but do take your time to pause and so

Once your eyes start getting used to the technicolor landscape it is time to pay closer attention to details that give in the geological history of this region. You’ll notice that the steep cliffs draw lines on the shore slopes telling the story of how the rocks moved up and down through the ages to form mountains. You’ll notice huge rocks that raised from ancient dunes, in an age when the beaches lay below over 100 meters and the ocean line was drawn 60 kilometers away from its current placement.

And you know anything about birds you’ll amazed to see the storks nesting by the shore, a one of kind phenomenon in the world. So when you reach Cabo Sardão take your time to once again enjoy the view. Sitting by the lighthouse over the small harbor you’ll watch traditional fishing boats come and go over the surge. If you’re lucky enough to be there as a boat returns full from an early catch be sure to go and meet the fishermen – he might be delighted to tell you all about his adventures at sea and you might be able to by your lunch for the d

Now this is a breathtaking trail! You’ll be leaving Alentejo and reaching Algarve as you find yourself in Odeceixe. The view from Ponta Branca, in Odeceixe, will leave you in awe – but we’ll give you some time to recover before telling us all about what you felt in that moment.

But before Odeceixe you still have many beaches to tread. From Zambujeira do Mar to Alteirinhos, through Praia do Carvalhal and Praia da Amália, you are in for a treat. If you’re not trekking on the clock we encourage you to stop at Azenha do Mar, a beautiful natural harbor, and have a taste of local cuisine. Soon enough will catch sight of Ribeira de Seixe, the creek that disembogues in Odeceixe and separates Alentejo and Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal. Enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding villages, taste the food, drink the wine and replenish your energies because you’re halfway through.

In the village, the windmill outstands. It’s one of the few that is still working and can be visited.
Around it, wooden footbridges and benches invite us to contemplate the houses in the village, the Seixe rivermouth and the mediterranean scrubland of the south facing hills – a treat for the eye!

The foodplains are the overflow areas of the river banks, where in days of intense rain, the water brings along everything necessary to build deep and fertile soil. For the remaining part of the year, the flood allows for thriving crops and pastures to grow.

Some of these flood areas are still in their wild state, holding reedbeds and rushes. These habitats are quite rich in birds, such as the grey heron and the white egret.

It is time to say goodbye to Costa Vicentina and you must be feeling amazing! You trailed the trails and tasted the food, and you have been swept away by the views and the odors. You have felt the freedom of walking the cliffs and spreading your arms to the wind. You have met a warm and welcoming people and it feels appropriate that you falter when time comes to leave this place.

Now that you have experienced this great adventure by the Atlantic shoreline you can leave with a full heart knowing we’ll be here to welcome you when you return.
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