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Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions section (updated June 2020)

Portugal Outside is a registered trademark for Aventura X travel agency, holding the TIN (Tax Identification Number) 510386059.

We are licenced by Turismo de Portugal:

  • Travel Agency License: RNAVT 7016
  • Tourism animation activities license: RNAT 196 / 2015

Booking and payment terms

All prices listed on the website are in Euros (€) and VAT is included.

Bookings will only be accepted after we receive a deposit payment for 50% of the value offered.

Full payment is required at the time of booking if your reservation is made less than 60 days prior to departure. We strongly recommend you book and pay for the reservation sooner rather than later as we travel in small groups and the spots fill up quickly.

After we receive the payment confirmation, Portugal Outside will send the customer a confirmation email with all the reservation details.

Prices and Price changes

Customers will be informed of any changes in costs with suppliers, fuel or taxes that affect the final cost of the travel experience, and the customer may keep or cancel the reservation under the new pricing conditions.

Portugal Outside is not responsible for any extra costs incurred as a result of a participant’s misconduct.

Cancellations by the Costumer

Any request for changes or cancellations must be made in writing, either in paper form or by email.

Cancellation terms and costs as follows:

  • 60 days before the travel date, the customer will be refunded for the money already paid but a cancellation and admin fee of 150€ will be charged
  • 45 days before the travel date, the customer will be refunded for 50% of the amount already paid
  • 30 days before the travel date, the customer will not be refunded but 25% of the amount paid will be credited on the customer account to use on a future activity or travel experience with Portugal Outside
  • No refunds will be made in case the customer arrives late or leaves earlier from the arranged dates
  • There are also no refunds for services or experiences included that the customer chooses not to use

We encourage all customers to get a traveling insurance or a travel cancellation insurance package as no exceptions will be made to our cancellation terms and conditions.

Cancellations by Portugal Outside

It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements, but  we may have to make adaptations to the travel package and we reserve the right to do so at any time. In case we cancel the travel arrangements the customer will get full refund for the amount already paid.

In the unlikely scenario of a cancellation within 30 days prior to the travel arrangements, Portugal Outside will fully refund the customers and offer a discount voucher for your next travel experience with us.


Our customers are responsible for showing up on time and respecting the established scheduling for the travel. All information regarding arrival and leaving times to the different activities, as well as the scheduling in-between activities, is available on the Portugal Outside Travel Guide (in case you subscribe to a guided tour).

Any delays or misconduct from any of our customers might result in the cancellation of the tour or the scheduled activities.

Changes to the programmed activities

Portugal Outside reserves the right to cancel or change your travel arrangements or itinerary if safety standards aren’t met or in order to provide a better service.


Those who travel with Portugal Outside are aware that it is the very nature of a tour of this kind to be subject to last minute changes that come without warning. Accomodation, flights, amenities, schedules or itineraries might need to be adapted due to several different circumstances. Weather conditions, flight cancellations, issues related to borders, mechanical problems, illnesses, strikes or political changes are unpredictable events that require some flexibility from both our customers and ourselves.

On-tour responsibility

Arriving at the arranged tour starting location is the traveler’s responsibility.

Portugal Outside can not be held responsible for missing or cancelled flights, changes in the itinerary, late arrivals or early leaving dates.

Each participant has the responsibility to respect the established laws and codes, the local culture, customs and traditions for the entire duration of the tour.

The environment and the landscape are to be protected and respected by each and every participant.

Guided tours

In case you opt for a guided tour, the local guide or assigned partners that represent Portugal Outside have the final word when it comes to deciding what’s best and safest for the wellbeing of the group or the individual travelers.

During the tour Portugal Outside reserves the right to ask you to leave the arranged travel should you put yourself or the other participants at risk, or misconduct in any other way. The group’s (and yours) safety and wellbeing are paramount to continue the tour as initially arranged. If you feel you won’t be able to follow the tour’s strict set of requisites you should not join our travel adventures.

Self-guided tours

In the case of a self-guided tour the responsibility of deciding over safety issues, itinerary and checking the weather on a daily basis, falls on the Participant.

Tour Difficulty

It is the participant’s responsibility to learn about and accept the risks and the difficulties ahead and to decide whether or not he/she is fit for the arranged tour. Portugal Outside will address all your questions during the booking completion process.

Existing health conditions

If there are any existing mental or physical conditions that might put your safety or others at risk you should tell us. Portugal Outside can’t be held responsible if the tour ends up being impossible for you to complete or if any of the arranged activities can not be used.

Safety first

Always. Our number one priority is and always will be our customers’ safety.

Staff and local partners

Our Guides and Tour leaders receive specific training to safely guide the travelers groups and assume the responsibility to decide what’s best for the group at any given moment or when facing unpredictable events.

All participants should therefore respect the tour leader decisions and follow all the given instructions.


Portugal Outside carefully selects local partners and accommodation according to the characteristics of the routes selected. We give our preference to cozy lodging facilities with character and comfort or that have particularly friendly and welcoming hosts. Almost all sites we select fit perfectly into the beautiful natural surroundings and have a rustic atmosphere to them that are sure to provide you the most pleasant stay, fit for both resting and enjoying the scheduled activities.


Meals aren’t usually included when you book our tours. Our Travel Guide Booklet, that all Participants receive upon arrival, includes a list of local restaurants with regional dishes and tips to get the best gastronomic experiences while traveling with us.

Moving around with luggage

On some of our tours and activities the Participants may ask for their luggage to be included on the car transfer arranged for moving materials and supplies between lodging sites. In this case the Participants are responsible for respecting the scheduled departure times by having the luggage ready to go before the group sets off for the day.

The luggage dispatched on the transfer between lodging sites should not carry valuable items or items that could negatively affect the tour if lost, such as money, credit cards, personal documents (ID cards, passports, flight tickets, etc). Portugal Outside can not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any valuables and you should let us know if you are carrying any fragile or valuable item with you, and you should make sure any fragile item is safely packed beforehand.

All luggage, equipment and personal objects are the Participants full responsibility. Portugal Outside will not be held accountable for any losses, damages or accidents involving these items, under any circumstances.

Privacy policy

For the purposes of our relationship with you, the Client and Participant, Portugal Outside will collect some personal data and we will not share that information with any person or company who is not our partner or who is not in any other way a facilitator to the contract you have with us.

We will share your data only with local agents for accommodation and transportation purposes and other ground agents and suppliers who work with Portugal Outside to make your tour and activities possible. They too are held accountable and will not share your personal data with third parties.

We may also share your personal information when mandatory by local laws or international agreements, or if that information is vital to secure yours, our or the group’s safety or property.



Civil Responsibility, Lusitania Seguros

Share Capital – 75.000.00 euros


The tour price includes a standard travel insurance by Lusitanea Seguros, S.A. (applicable policies number 8341023000001 and 8132532000001).

Insurance coverage:

  • Personal liability 50.000,00 euros
  • Personal Accident – Death or permanent disability 23,000.00 euros
  • Personal Accidents – Treatment and repatriation expenses 4,000.00 euros

Portugal Outside suggests also purchasing a travel insurance that protects the traveler and their investment in the event of a sudden emergency before or during their trip and coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, illness, injury and damage, loss or theft of luggage, as well as emergency assistance.

Travel documents

After the payment of the reservation, Portugal Outside sends all Participants an email with all the necessary information about the documentation that they must have updated and necessary for the trip.

As well as other information about the destination, suggestions, type of clothing, money and preparation.

Passports and Visas

The Participant is responsible for ensuring that they are always accompanied by these documents and that they are valid.

The Participant is solely responsible if the documents are not valid or are missing in the eventuality they are requested for any reason.

Photos and Video

The images or videos captured by Portugal Outside Guides during the tours and activities, can be used by Portugal Outside to publicize their travels.

Car Rental

The terms and conditions of our car rental suppliers will apply (our travel proposal will indicate the name of the Car Rental suppliers).

Age and Documentation

The minimum age for car hire is 25 and the maximum is 85. Drivers are required to have a valid national driving license issued for more than 1 year. Portuguese law requires an international driving license in addition to the national license (check that neither expires during your stay). The car rental company may not ask for an international license, but not having one will always be a risk that should be assumed by the Participant.

For luxury vehicles or with a capacity equal to or greater than 7 seats, the minimum age is 25 years and the driver must have a valid driving license issued for more than 2 years.

Passport or ID card is required.

Drivers with notes or restrictions on their driving licenses will not be allowed to rent a car.

When formalizing the rental agreement, a credit card will be required as a form of payment and a security deposit will be charged to the card. You will be required to leave a deposit for the amount not covered by insurance and for fuel.

If the car is damaged during the rental, you may be charged for the repair fee, which will be charged from your card deposit.


Portugal Outside provides a Complaints Book whenever necessary.

On our website, www.portugaloutside.com, the Participant has the possibility to write a complaint and send it directly to the competent authorities.

If the complaint arises during a Guided Tour, it is important that it is immediately communicated to the Portugal Outside Guide, in order to try to solve the situation as soon as possible.

The delay in or any failure to communicate a complaint may reduce our ability to act quickly to find a solution or put any refund that may exist by Portugal Outside at risk.

In all tours sold by us, the Participant has a hotline to refer to if needed, and this hotline can and should be used as many times as he deems necessary.

If for any reason Portugal Outside is unable to find an immediate solution, you should send an email to hello@portugaloutside.com within 30 days after the tour ends.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions

Portugal Outside reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions at any time, and the changes will be posted and updated to Portugal Outside website.

Responsibilities and Limitations

Portugal Outside and all its owners act only as agents for hotels, airlines, bus companies, railways, ship lines and / or any supplier that provides accommodation, transportation or other services to the Participant.

It is recommended that the participant purchases through Portugal Outside services such as transportation, hotel accommodation, meals, tourist excursions and other services from various suppliers that are not affiliated with Portugal Outside.

Portugal Outside makes every effort to select the best providers for the aforementioned services. However, Portugal Outside has no control over the  operations these agents perform and, as a result, cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, property damage or other claim that may occur.

Illicit, negligent or arbitrary acts, errors or omissions on the part of the independent suppliers, its agents, its employees or others that are not under our direct control or supervision can not be imputed to Portugal Outside.

Defects or failures of any vessel, aircraft, vehicle or other instrument or equipment that are controlled by an independent supplier can not be imputed to Portugal Outside.

Loss, injury or damage to people, property or others, resulting directly or indirectly from any Acts of God, dangers at sea, fire, damage to machinery or equipment or wars (declared or not), hostilities, civil unrest, strikes, riots , theft, theft, medical epidemics, quarantine or customs regulations, standards, delays or cancellations or changes to the itinerary due to schedule changes or for any cause are beyond the control of Portugal Outside, and we can not be held responsible or be imputed.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are based on Portuguese law.

In the event of a dispute and dispute process, you agree that legally the issues must be resolved exclusively before a court of the Judicial District of Lisbon – Portugal.



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