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We provide both Guided tours and Self Guided Tours. Portugal Outside has a diverse selection of travel options covering all regions of Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos.

Walking, Hiking, Road Trips, and even Intra-Rail experiences – we’ve got you covered. Custom made travel experiences are the kind of challenges we love – we will happily help you plan and organize the perfect rotary for traveling in our beautiful country.

We do not work with large groups – it would go against our company’s philosophy of promoting closeness and connection between participants and locals. Working with small groups also makes it possible to ensure everyone’s safety and to travel to secluded spots, away from the mainstream and most crowded routes.

We provide a Portugal Outside exclusive Guide to all that travel with us. This booklet is a travelers’ Journal where we gathered the best tips to dive into our culture and amazing natural beauty. You can bring your own notes and experiences to it and make it into a ‘memories’ book of Portugal.

All our partners and supporters share our vision and promote sustainable and responsible tourism, stepping away from mass tourism, and respecting the culture and traditions of this amazing country.

We provide a hotline to support and answer all your questions while traveling in Portugal.

We encourage our travelers to discover Portugal at their own pace. And that is why we are here to help you customize your travel pack so that you can enjoy the best experience, the way you see fit.

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