The “World’s End”

If you are looking for the right spot for a couple of days off work where you can simply relax and enjoy life. We have some of the most pristine beaches, wild coastlines, protected nature reserves, and jagged cliffs.

You need to take the time to visit the Southwest Alentejo And Vicentine Coast Natural Park.

It covers more than 100 km from Porto Covo in Alentejo to Burgau in Algarve.

Here you will have plenty to do and see especially if you are a nature lover.

After all, this amazing park includes many unique species of plants as well as animals.

Many botanists, zoologists, and birdwatchers visit this region due to its unique conditions.

In this area, it is possible to see some rare fishing eagles, white storks, and otters.

Stork Flying on Vicentine Coast
Stork flying near the cliffs

Arriving at Vicentine Coast “The End of the World”

In case you are heading to the Southwest Alentejo And Vicentine Coast Natural Park, you just need to take the time to see the Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent).

Named the “End of the World” by ancient mariners because of the shelf-like peninsulas and the 200-foot-high cliffs. Make sure that you visit the red lantern lighthouse.

While you are there, just make sure that you try out their fresh seafood.

Local fishermen bring, daily, fresh shellfish and fish to the local restaurants.

Beaches, trails & hidden spots

When most people think about going on vacation, most tend to immediately think about beaches.

So, if you are part of the club, you will be glad to know that you’ll have a huge variety of different beaches that you can go to.

Some of these beaches are only used by surfers and are considered the best ones in the country.

While others are available for regular individuals who simply want to enjoy the great Algarve weather.

Sunset at Odeceixe beach
Beautiful sunset at Odeceixe beach.

The best beaches that we highly advise you to visit include:

  • Praia do Amado
  • Arrifana
  • Monte Clérigo
  • Almograve
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes
  • Malhão
  • Porto Covo

In case you want to take advantage of some of the most difficult bike trails, you can be sure that you will discover some unknown beaches.

Many are found between the rocks and the cliffs in this area. These are extremely well-preserved due to the difficulty of accessing them.

The SW Alentejo & Vicentine Coast Natural Park all the way

At the tail of this amazing park is the village of Sagres.

Here you can be sure that the beaches, although beautiful and featuring amazing blue water, aren’t as crowded as the rest of the beaches in the Algarve.

Whether surfing, paragliding, or windsurfing, there are endless possibilities to have a lot of fun.

Sagres is the right place if you’re planning on having a few adventurers in the sea. Since there are always some strong winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean.

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