Zambujeira do Mar – Alentejo At Its Best

Zambujeira do Mar is a small fishing village located on the western coast of Alentejo, in an area cut by various valleys, faults, and cliffs.

Zambujeira do Mar coast is part of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina (Nature Park of the Southwest Alentejo and St. Vincent Coast) and that’s one of the reasons why Zambujeira do Mar biodiversity remains intact despite the village growth and tourist activity.

Some of the most famous beaches in the region include the beach of Zambujeira, the beaches of Nossa Senhora, Alteirinhos, and Arquinha and Tonel.

All these beaches attract thousands of tourists and visitors during the summer.

Despite its growth and increased popularity, Zambujeira do Mar remains a small fishing village, and it’s still possible to enjoy peace and tranquillity there.

The beaches are the main Zambujeira do Mar attractions for the many visitors that go there, especially in the summer.

Due to the region´s well-preserved natural environment, and the terrific conditions and facilities for water sports, there’s always something new to do or try at Zambujeira.

The nature-tourism and water sports are amongst the most popular activities in Zambujeira do Mar.

In terms of its regional events, one of the great attractions in this region is the South-West Festival, which happens in August at the “Herdade da Casa Branca”.

During the festival, for 3 days, thousands of people flock to the area to listen to all kinds of music.

The festival’s popularity keeps growing and while it used to be for youngsters, nowadays people from multiple generations attend the South-West Festival.

This festival is one of the Major music festivals in Portugal and has featured, over the years, many big names from the indie and rock genres world.

Some of the big names that performed at the Southwest festival over the years include The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Gorillaz, and Kanye West.

What started to be a national music festival, kept growing over the years and started to be now an international event attracting especially Spanish youngsters due to the geographical proximity.

In terms of interesting monuments to visit, the small Nossa Senhora do Mar chapel is a local attraction that’s worth a visit.

Zambujeira is not only popular for family vacations and nature tourism, but it’s also one of the most popular surf spots in Portugal.

Considering the ecosystem, the well-protected environment, the beaches, and all the activities, no wonder Zambujeira do Mar keeps gaining popularity abroad and has started to compete with some of the most reputable tourist villages from the Algarve.

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